Complimentary Coverage:

  1. Do I have to request the new Supreme Advantage® coverage, or when does it become effective for me?
    The coverage has been provided by endorsement to your existing medical professional liability policy. No further action is required by you.

  2. Does the coverage apply to all specialties?
    Yes, all specialties will be covered. However, pro bono physicians are excluded.

  3. Is my corporation covered under Supreme Advantage®
    All scheduled corporations on your medical professional liability policy will share in the limits provided.

  4. Is tail coverage available for the complimentary coverage?
    Yes, two-year tail coverage will be available for purchase by physicians meeting existing death, disability and retirement (DDR) criteria. The associated premium must be paid in full before the tail is issued.

  5. How do I report a claim?
    All claims will be reported to MDAdvantage directly, just as you would for a medical professional liability claim.

  6. How are claims handled?
    MDAdvantage Claim Specialists will work with a team of professionals who have expertise in the areas of employment practices liability, privacy and data security and medical practice administration. A carefully selected, specialized panel of defense counsel in New Jersey will defend your claim. You can be confident that MDAdvantage Claim Specialists will guide you through the entire process seamlessly.

  7. What type of risk management or educational services will be available to me?
    MDAdvantage remains committed to educating our physicians and minimizing risks wherever possible. A special section of our website will be devoted to information and guidance relating to your coverage. Further details will be provided to you as they become available.

  8. What if I have additional questions about how to handle an issue or situation in my office?
    As always, MDAdvantage will be available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you may have and to provide guidance on complicated situations. We may be contacted directly at 888-355-5551.

  9. How do I get additional information about what is covered under this new package?
    If you have additional questions, your broker will be able to assist you. If you do not have a broker, please feel free to contact our Policyholder Services Department directly at 888-355-5551.

  10. What if I already purchased similar coverage for my practice elsewhere, and the policy expiration date is different then the policy expiration date of my medical professional liability policy?
    The complimentary level of Supreme Advantage® coverage will always maintain the same effective dates as your medical professional liability policy. MDAdvantage will be happy to provide you a quote for excess limits at any time.

Increased Limits Coverage (available in NJ only):

  1. Can I buy increased limits for certain types of coverage and not others?
    You have five package options:
    1. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    2. Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    3. Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI) ($1M limit each claim/$1M in aggregate)
    4. Combined policy for Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI) and Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    5. All coverages (EPLI, PDSI and MPAI)

  2. If I purchase increased limits, am I still covered under the complimentary product?
    If you purchase increased limits, that coverage will be in addition to the complimentary coverage you receive as an endorsement to your medical professional liability policy.

  3. Is tail coverage available for increased limits?
    Subject to the Company's discretion, tail coverage may be available for purchase. PDSI/MPAI tail coverage can be purchased for a one year period. EPLI tail coverage may be purchased for one, two or three year periods. The associated premium must be paid in full before the tail is issued.

  4. If I purchase increased limits, are there any financing options?
    Full payment must be received before a policy is bound.

  5. Can the increased limits coverage be purchased for an individual physician, or does it have to be a group?
    The Supreme Advantage® coverage can be purchased for a corporation (group) or an individual. If purchased by a group, the limits are shared by all physicians (regardless of the number of physicians) acting on behalf of the corporation.

  6. Is an application required to purchase increased limits coverage?
    In order to apply for increased limits, you will be required to complete an application that will be subject to underwriting review. There are separate applications for EPLI, PDSI and MPAI coverage.

  7. Is prior acts coverage available?
    Prior acts coverage is available for each type of coverage, subject to underwriting review. Your broker can provide further details about prior acts coverage.