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Additional Coverage Information

Limits of Liability:
MDAdvantage provides the following limits of liability:
$1,000,000 per medical incident / $3,000,000 aggregate
$2,000,000 per medical incident / $4,000,000 aggregate
$3,000,000 per medical incident / $5,000,000 aggregate
$5,000,000 per medical incident / $7,000,000 aggregate

Our underwriting rules determine the limit of liability that may be offered. These can be discussed with the company's Policyholder Services Department.

Pro Bono Services Endorsement:
Coverage is available for an insured that elects to offer services on a Pro Bono basis with no charge or remuneration of any kind. Limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 are provided. The coverage has the following exclusions:
  1. For injury arising out of the rendering or failure to render professional services for which a fee was charged or any remuneration accepted.
  2. For any injury arising out of the rendering or failure to render:
    1. Surgical or invasive procedures; or
    2. Procedures done under general anesthesia; or
    3. Obstetrical care or procedures.
The exclusions do not apply to the rendering or failure to render professional services in an emergency situation, provided that no fee or remuneration is accepted.

Note: Only existing insureds are eligible for this coverage after they have cancelled their active policy with the company.

Paramedical Employees:
Paramedical employee professional liability coverage is available to an individual physician or entity on a shared or separate limit basis. MDAdvantage will not offer this coverage on a stand-alone basis.

Corporate / Partnership Professional Liability Coverage:
Eligibility for a separate limit is restricted to physician-owned practices in which the Company insures 50% or more of the physician shareholders, owners and employed physicians. The limits of liability available are $1 million/$3 million.

Corporate coverage is also available on a shared limits basis at no charge.

Out of State Practice:
Physicians who practice outside of the State of New Jersey will be subject to a surcharge. Physicians who practice more than 49% outside of New Jersey are not eligible for MDAdvantage coverage.

Premises Liability:
Premises liability insurance is designed to protect the physician from liability as a property owner or tenant. Coverage is not included for personal property, fire, theft or products hazard. The rate is based upon the size of the office and the limits of liability selected.

Coverage is not available for property that exceeds 5,000 square feet.

Please contact our Policyholder Services Department at 888-355-5551 should you require further information.

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